Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun Halloween Printables!

Happy October everyone, it's the month of Halloween!  We've been making spooooooky and fun creations.  Click on the link to download our designs.
Have a happy Halloween and enjoy your treats!

Cally, Shirley, Jennifer, Julissa, Nina and Bee x


Download Jennifer's design here


Download Julissa's design in English here and in Spanish here


Download Nina's design here


Download Shirley's design here


  1. These are all so much fun! I look forward to them at the beginning of each month! Thank you and Happy Fall!

  2. I love them all!! And my daughter (whose birthday is on Halloween) is going to flip over those finger puppets Jennifer!!

  3. So adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome work.

  4. Thank you so much for these darling Halloween printables. I can't wait to print them out to use with my children. Happy Halloween!

  5. Thanks!! These are soooo cute!

  6. Thank you ladies for giving us such a wonderful treat for Halloween.
    Love them all!

  7. Happy halloween to all of our wonderful friends..thanks for visiting us here at!

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