Belinda (Bee) Strong

1. What's your illustration background?
I’ve always loved to draw. Some of my earliest memories involve crayons and a scrapbook. Although I’ve never had any formal training in illustration, I have learned a lot from many different people who have encouraged me along the way.
2. Where do you live?

In the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, East of Melbourne, Australia.
3. What are your sources of inspiration?

Mid-century art and design is what excites me the most. Furniture, architecture, cartoons, fashion, textiles, music… From the 50s to the 70s there was something really special going on in the world of art and design.

4. What are your favorite techniques you use to create your work?
I usually jump straight onto the computer. Most of my work is created using Adobe Illustrator. Occasionally I’ll sketch out an idea with a pen first, and sometimes I’ll even dabble with some acrylic paint or coloured pencil.
5. Do you have a favorite food?
Anything that will go with a nice dry martini!
6. What's your most productive time of the day?
I’m definitely a morning person! I’m always up early, even on weekends. I hate wasting time so even if I’m not illustrating first thing, I’ll clean the house or do some baking or get out in the garden.
7. Do you have a favorite place?
Well it’s Winter here so right at this moment it’s in front of a fire with my pj’s on and a nice warm blanket!
8. What are your future illustration goals?
I really want to develop my paper-goods business and expand into other products like wrapping paper and gift packaging. On the licensing side of things, it would be fabulous to have my designs on some fun stuff like fabric or stationery for some major international companies.
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