Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome's picnic time!

Greetings fellow children's illustration enthusiasts!
We'll be doing a different illustration challenge each month and we'd love for people to join in(read on 'til the end of this post...) 
This month, in honor of the sunshine filled days of summer, we are presenting our illustration challenge...Picnic! We hope you all have a great summer filled with good food, good friends, and good's to picnics!

Little Jane is enjoying her day out with friends

Tea in the Garden

Picnic Fun 

Baby bun wanted some carrot cake too, but big sis made sure he had his veggies first!  

Lucy always shared her picnic treats with her little feathered friends

For this challenge, I knew I wanted to do some kiddos around a picnic table, covered in a red and white checkered cloth. Of course, some animals had to get into it, wanting some of that great picnic food! What I didn't realize when I first started thinking about picnics, was how many great childhood memories would come to my mind. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, corn on the cob and watermelon! My Dad making homemade ice cream with one of those old fashioned machines that you put rock salt in and turn the crank for hours. 
Fishing in the lake, but never catching anything. Playing games - 
lawn darts, baseball, frisbee and put putt golf. Yay for picnics, let's go have one right now!

Would you like to play along too?
If you have a picnic illustration you would like to share we would love to see it! Enter a link to your image below. Thanks!

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