Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Days

Hi everyone, we hope you're enjoying the summer months.  Thank you so much for your fantastic picnic illustrations, we were so pleased that you joined in!

This month our illustration topic is Dog Days - you can interpret this any way you like.

We hope you're all having a happy and creative time, even in the dog days of summer!

Dog Days

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days

Mouse and Pony love to share an ice cream on a hot sunny afternoon

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so they are perfect for putting together in a fun pattern.  I used some artistic license with the colors, of course!  Who wants to have just plain old white, brown and black dogs?  Not me!

 I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated this summer!

If you have a Dog Days illustration you would like to share we would love to see it! Enter a link to your image below. Thanks!


  1. Love the site and thank you for the chance to put my thinking cap on!

  2. Such wonderful illustrations, ladies! It's great to see such different takes on the them for this month. Hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far. Penny, we look forward to seeing your "dog days" illustration! : )

  3. lovely work from everyone here-I especially love Bee's pony and mouse with ice cream-lovely colours together.

  4. Penny - I just love your dog days illo - it's so bright and fun! Thanks heaps for joining in :D
    Adelaida - you have such a gorgeous style, I love your work!
    Fhiona - aww thanks so much, you make me blush the same shade of pink as the little mouse hehe!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Jennifer- your little spotted doggie looks so happy frolicking with his butterfly friend- very cute!
    Cally- I used to have a poodle that would laze around on hot summer days too...if he'd only had a hammock! Love it!
    Shirley- That little pup looks so adorable even if he is completely "pooped out" in the the facial expressions- it is amazing what eybrows can convey! Adorable!
    Bee- Doesn't every girl(big or little) wish for a pony? And to share it with a cute little mouse and ice cream- ahh.. to be little again.. I really like your colour scheme too! Nice work! :)
    Nina- Your doggie pattern is awesome...such a cute mix of breeds too! You should definitely add that to your licensing portfolio. Love it!
    Julissa- the perfect end to a hot summer day! I like the birdy fanning the little girl...cute idea! Nice facial expressions too, the girl really looks content and as if she is contemplating the fun-filled day she just had- nice!

    I haven't gotten my piece finished yet, and we are off to the cottage for a week, so hopefully I will be able to post mine when I return...I will for sure go thru internet withdrawal!

  6. What beautiful illustrations! They are all fantastic, but of course, I'm partial to Shirley's cutie wanting to play fetch with Sophie who is copping some serious zzzz's! Adorable!

  7. Thank you Fhiona, Adelaida, and Suzanne (wow! Awesome of you to comment on all of the ladies' pieces..I appreciate it a lot)..and of course my dear, Cheryl are MUCH too kind. Thank you, my friend for stopping by and for your wonderful words. I hope you are all enjoying these days o' summer...we are down to two weeks left before school starts for my little ones, so we plan to Enjoy (with a capital E). : )

  8. This Topic is too awesome, all the illustrations so far look awesome, i want to join wiht a life drawing i did that i feel embodies the topic, hope it makes the cut :)

  9. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such nice comments :)
    Suzanne - Wow, thank you for taking the time to comment on everyone's nice of you. I love your description of my piece. It's exactly how I feel here in Florida after running errands. I just want to relax on a hammock, drink cold beverages and have a birdie or hubby fan me hehe. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

  10. What a fun topic! But just today I felt something in the air that seemed to tell me, sadly, that summer's coming to an end...

  11. Thanks for acknowledging "The Dog Days of Summer." How nice to see such wonderful creativity from other illustrators who also make the most out of this time of the year! :o)

  12. As summer slips by, I'm going to make a big ice tea and appreciate these "dog days" of August! It's been fun seeing all the various takes on this topic!

  13. What a gorgeous bunch of illustrations. I love this design to the topic thing you guys have going on. Most enjoyable!

  14. What a beautiful blog and iniciative!:..
    So many talented illustrators makes me happy to be alive on the planet at this time!:..
    Creativity rocks!:..
    Thanks for leting me post my link!:..
    thanks for sharing...!
    thanks for the inspiration!:..

  15. Hi Guys,
    I just got back from a few days of great productivity at my cottage and wanted to get over here to post my plasticine illustration based on this months theme. Sorry it was rather late...summer schedules and all :)
    I hope you enjoy, and thanks for letting us share too!!

  16. what a wonderful group! hope everything will go great! :-) i've just marked for follow you! if you've any vacant any time! please count on me! :-D

  17. I love this blog. Happy Dog Days!

  18. OH wow! I just wanted to thank everyone who has visted, and a special thank you to all who have contributed to this blog - this month so's such a delight to see all of the amazing artists' take on "dog days"! Thanks for the continued visits and support..I love this community!! : )

  19. Hello!! Your blog is the bomb!!! I love it. I just put you guys on my blog roll. Wow, GREAT artwork everyone. Love love love!!!!


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